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iPhone 5 Theme

This is a fake iPhone 5 Theme for Go Launcher Ex! Make your Android phone look like a new iPhone 5 for free!

Trick your friends and make them think you got new iPhone 5! Let them be jealous for a while and laugh at their reaction. There is no way they can see the difference between the real iPhone theme and its replica. This is a high quality iPhone 5 theme for your phone you will love for sure. So don’t wait any longer, download it now and enjoy your phone’s new look!

When you install this free iPhone theme, you will have a default iPhone 5 wallpaper and default iOS x 6 icons, optimized for all screen sizes. But don’t get confused, the icon for “browser” app is Safari while the icon for Google Play is App Store (iTunes) as it is on the real iPhone 5.


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This app will periodically present Airpush or/and Leadbolt advertisements in your notification bar. It may also create shortcut icon that is easy to remove.
This is to support the development for this app.

The android iPhone theme works on all devices with Android including HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Sonny Ericsson Xperia, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Mini, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Sony Ericsson Xperia mini.

Compatible with: At&T, Boost Mobile, Straight talk, and Verizon powered mobile phones.

— Trademarks —

iPhone is a trademark of Apple Computer Inc. This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Apple.

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